Aug 8 2010

Weekend Links: Refill the MetroCard

For someone who can’t go anywhere without the use of public transportation, I was left in the dark for quite a while when it came to buying MetroCards for the subway.

In high school, we were given student MetroCards. And the few times that I couldn’t use the card, I piggybacked on a unlimited MetroCard. In college, I bought a MetroCard that had many, many rides in it and used it during the few weekends that I came home. Therefore, I wasn’t accustomed to MetroCard refills.

Ever since graduation, I was traveling with a per-use MetroCard. Then, my younger cousin pointed out to me that I could refill my card and keep the few cents in bonus money that the MTA gives us when we buy multiple rides in a single purchase. Usually, I toss the cards when there a few cents left on the card since I couldn’t get a full ride on it. Refilling the card would tack on more bonus money that would some day equal to a full ride.

Now that I know, I’ve been taking advantage of it and saving a little bit every time I fill up. I still feel like a fool not knowing this early.

And now, on to some interesting money articles as of late:

  • How Much Credit Card Rewards Cost the Poor at Bucks New York Times Blog. Deeper analysis of the credit cards reveals that the rewards system is transferring wealth from the poor to the rich. Retailer up their prices to cover the cost of rewards. Since the rich are likely to use their credit cards to reap these benefits and the poor are more likely to use cash, the poor pay for the rewards that they don’t get.
  • Is It Better to Rent to Males or Females? at Financial Samurai. We all want the perfect tenant – pays on time, quiet, clean, and likable. Although we know there are laws to forbid landlords from discriminatory practices, gender differences play a huge role for potential tenants.
  • What Will Retirement Look Like For Younger Generations at Frugal Dad. It’s true. The world is changing at such a rapid pace that the lifestyles from 5 years ago will not be the same in the next 5 years. Humans are living longer and the world is a difference environment overall. For retirement, it will be the same. As a part of the younger generation, I try to prepare but our situations would change our perspectives.

Carnivals in which Realm of Prosperity participated:

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